Waking Gods & Goddesses—Embodying Divine Wisdom and the Sensual Life Radio Program with Marja West
New Series focus starting 5 July- 6 December 2013: Consciously Facing the Darkness—The Totality of Human Experience
In this provocative series, we will explore some very controversial topics and highlight healing modalities and tools available to not only heal trauma, but also elevate our consciousness and frequencies and foster conscious relating skills
5 July—“Satanic Ritual Abuse—Healing, Recovery & Empowerment with Jay Parker”
Jay Parker was born into a multi-generational Satanic/Illuminati family and received MONARCH trauma-based mind-control as a child. For the first seven years of his life, Jay was subject to Satanic Ritual Abuse in a large cult setting. Jay speaks on recovery and healing methods for Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors.
Jay reveals a specialized holistic approach for SRA healing. His presentations at the FREE YOUR MIND Conference are quite riveting.

2 August—“Connective Communication—Navigating Tricky Conversations Skillfully with Yogi Ramadin”
I attended an introductory workshop given by Ramadin and was FLOORED!! Conscious communication is so vital to our daily lives—living and loving from an awakened place. It’s one thing to be clear enough to know what we want and need, and another thing to have these wants and needs met by being able to communicate clearly and directly. This dynamic is the basis to relating and co-creating satisfying relationships. Join us for a taste in this light and love-filled process.

6 September—“Medicine Songs & Sound Healing with Samantha (Karen) Glenn and Dara Roberts”
These beautiful sound healers share their own unique story of trauma and healing. Sound healing—utilising the voice or instruments, sounds and bells—is known to quickly heal our hearts, minds and bodies by raising our frequencies, and bringing them into coherence.

4 October—“Shiva Speaks—Conversations with Maha Avatar Babaji with Rashmi Khilnani
Rashmi is a modern mystic. She teaches and practices several healing modalities and has taught Reiki Masters, doctors, scientists and people from many walks of life the secrets of the Mystery School teachings. She is a global metaphysical teacher, urban shaman, international lecturer, artist, seminar leader and TV personality. Her new book is entitled: Shiva Speaks Conversations with Maha Avatar Babaji. In this interview we will discuss shadow healing and bring in energy for shadow healing.

1 November—“Conscious Whistleblowing & Truth Movement with Fred Burks”
Fred Burks actually started out as a de-bunker of Conspiracy Theories, but uncovered some information that could not be ignored. As a result, he stepped down from his White House position, and later launched a dozen informational web sites that not only give us verifiable information regarding what’s really going on, he’s also gifted us with download-able trainings that empower us, help us raise our frequencies, and align us with our True Divine natures.

6 December—“An interview with Betsy Otter Thompson—Author of What Happens If… Book—How to Make Action/Reaction Work For You Instead of Against You”
Based on the concept that “whatever the soul gives, the soul lives,” this exciting book by Betsy Otter Thompson takes you on an inner journey toward growth and understanding. Ms. Thompson’s theory of emotional action/reaction enables you to see yourself honestly. And with a little humour, she provides practical skills for achieving a richer, fuller, and more meaningful life.

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Waking Gods & Goddesses—Embodying Divine Wisdom & the Sensual Life
Radio Show with Host, Marja West, on the HumanSpirit Radio Network

Show and Homework Exercises

Episode 1: Yikes I’m Awake, Now What?? Air Date: 6 January 2012

• Next time you feel triggered or upset—take five minutes to consciously breathe in the qualities of love, light, clarity, peace, calm, healing, trust, wisdom, and relaxation, and with every out breath—share those exact same qualities and gift them to your immediate environment, the world-at-large, or someone special. This practice opens the heart center and relaxes your body, and imbues your environment with these Divine qualities, and dissolves your reactivity into ease…

• Homework for deepening Sensuality—practice hugging someone for at least 20-30 seconds…savour the sweetness of touching and holding another human being…then gaze deeply into their eyes…

• “Pat-pat” hugging—(you know what I mean) is NOT embodied, juicy hugging…

• Thank you for your light, love & courage, Beloveds

Episode 2: Healing the Pain-Body of the Masculine and Feminine Air Date: 3 February 2012

In preparation for our next show regarding the Divine Feminine, your homework over the next month is this: I want you all to think about and journal about your relationship with the feminine principle of RECEIVING, and the relationships with your mother, sisters, women friends, and girlfriends/wives. What are the challenges that come up? And what are the gifts from these relationships.

• Also, at least once a day…the hugging practice for deepening Sensuality—practice hugging someone for at least 20-30 seconds…savour these sweetness…then gaze deeply into their eyes…

• You are the Divine-In-The-Flesh

Episode 3: The Conscious Feminine—Forgiving Sins of the Mother, Embodying the Divine Feminine Within Air Date: 2 March 2012

We all need to release our programs and beliefs of VICTIMISATION!
• I invite you to journal and discover the relationship between the Divine Feminine, our mothers, and allergies or emotional-energetic disconnections to milk and dairy products, deeply affect the emotional, mental and physical bodies—this includes our ability to take care of ourselves and others from a place of empowerment.
• Allergies to milk, dairy and cats are emotional-energetic disconnections to the feminine principle and directly related to any issues regarding mom, and her style of nurturing—over-bearing, mean, non-existent, critical, out of it, and mother, etc…
• Get to the core of this disconnection, and the allergies or histamine response is often dissolved!
• Unwinding our disconnection with mom and the feminine Also shifts and evolves our abilities to nurture ourselves, and open to our abilities to receive.

1. Eye gazing two partners
2. Something I hated about my mother…
3. Something I wanted my mother to give me…
4. Something I wanted my mother to tell me…
5. Something I want to tell my mother…
6. The gifts I’ve received from my mother are…
7. With your partner, you will in “PRAISE MIND” share with you’re the great qualities of your mother for five entire minutes (set a timer)…describe your mother’s admirable qualities, and if you run out of things, be silent, or repeat what you just shared.
8. “PRAISE MIND” is more factual like “my mother made the best cookies,” or “my mother was super funny.”
• I strongly urge you all to do these exercises. If you don’t have someone you can do these with—please use your journal or a mirror—yup, a mirror. Remember that journaling is the fast track to awakening and staying conscious about what you’re up on all levels of your life and existence.
• In preparation for next month’s show regarding the Divine Masculine and our direct relationship with the Masculine, particularly our fathers…your homework for the next month is this: I want you all to think about and journal about your relationship with the masculine principle of gifting-giving, and the relationships with your father, brothers, men, and boyfriends/husbands, bosses, authority figures, our addiction to DOING, DOING, DOING, and the world-at-large.
• What are the challenges that come up? And what are the gifts from these relationships.
• What is a conscious man?
• What are the qualities associated with a conscious man?
• And don’t neglect/forget to practice your juicy hugging on a daily basis, hold someone for at least 30 seconds, Beloveds….
• YOU ARE AWESOME, by the way

Episode 4: The Conscious Masculine—Forgiving Sins of the Father, Embodying the Divine Masculine Within Air Date: 6 April 2012

Wheat & Meat Allergies:
1. The representation in the West of our national grain being wheat, men, the world, dad bringing home the dough, beefcake, man-meat, etc… creates biochemical errors when it comes to the food that we are addicted to physically, emotionally, and mentally.
2. The body will actually create opiates that render us drug addicted to wheat and meat and all the foods associated with wheat and meat.
3. The resulting behaviours are pretty intense and extreme, from mood swings to acts of emotional, energetic, mental and physical abuse and violence.
4. Fast foods and government hand outs typically provide us foods that do not enhance life force, but dumb us down.
5. It’s part of the dumbing down of our divinity by allowing ourselves to fall victim to the trappings of convenient easy foods as we run ourselves into the ground busying ourselves in an effort to run away from feeling and being.
6. GMOed foods are designed to taste amazingly yummy and create addiction and programmed to control our vital forces, and feed and maintain the low level consciousness of the little beasties that dwell in our bodies—allowing the one’s that harm us to proliferate.
7. Be conscious.

Additional Exercises exploring your relationship with the Masculine and Dad:
1. Something I hated about my father…
2. Something I wanted my father to give me…
3. Something I wanted my father to tell me…
4. Something I want to tell my father…
5. The gifts I’ve received from my father are…
6. With your partner, you will in “PRAISE MIND” share with you’re the great qualities of your father for five entire minutes…describe your father’s admirable qualities, and if you run out of things, be silent, or repeat what you just shared
7. “PRAISE MIND” goes like this, “my dad had a great sense of humour,” or “my dad always took me to the best movies every Saturday night.”

In preparation for our next show regarding The Marriage of Spirit—the Divine Feminine and Masculine Within, here’s your journaling homework to pre-pave our next month’s show…

1) Journal about your fears regarding your own Divine Feminine nature—what are your challenges?

2) What do you appreciate about your Divine Feminine nature?

3) Journal about your fears regarding your own Divine Masculine nature—what are your challenges?

4) What do you appreciate about your Divine Masculine nature?

5) Which Principle or energy tends to override and knock you off balance in your day-to- day living?

6) Who do you need to be in order to fully embody the Sacred Marriage of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine?

7) Practice your juicy hugging on a daily basis, kids….remember that “True Awakeness is an Open Body” that’s a quote from my girl international Hatha Yoga master, Sofia Diaz—so BE IN YOUR BODY…Love your body, pamper your body…tell yourSelf, “You are Beautiful!”

8) Thank you for your amazing work, Beloveds! xoxo

Episode 5: The Marriage of Spirit—the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Within Air Date: 4 May 2012

Ritual outline for your own ceremony of the Marriage of Spirit
The Sacred Marriage Ceremony of Your Inner Feminine and Your Inner Masculine:

• Journal about the qualities of your inner feminine and your inner masculine
• The entire creation flowing from the Divine is an incredible and fascinating interplay or “dance of the polarities,” summed up in the ancient symbol of sacred marriage, the which represents the sacred marriage of the opposites, the heiros gamos of antiquity.
The entwined triangles of the represent the archetypes of masculine and feminine, the “blade” and the “chalice.” They are also occasionally called the “fire” and “water” triangles respectively, and correspond to the Yang and Yin of Oriental philosophy. This sacred symbol is found in ancient shrines in India where it represents the God Shiva and his consort Shakti, but it is also found in the sacred writings of scholars and mystics of Judaism, where it is known as the seal of Solomon.”
• Write out your own sacred marriage vows include the elements of honouring, valuing, respecting, loving, cherishing, worshipping, all that you are and are ever becoming; devoting yourSelf to be all yours, to be in your heart the rest of your life no matters what happens; committing to your love, values, truth, and beauty—in service to the Divine God-Goddess-All-That-Is…
• In this vow, You are expressing a commitment to yourSelf—that your true essence can never be owned, that your esteem comes from within as you are source. Express a way to promise yourSelf that you will love, honour, adore, worship yourSelf as whole, honouring your Divine gifts as HE-SHE—the holy embodiment of God-Goddess…
• Create a ring vow as well, and close the deal—so to speak, and actually buy a ring and put the ring on your finger of choice….
• Create time and space for you to actually marry yourSelf, or hire an actual minister or ceremonialist to hold that sacred union space for you
• Invite your most intimate friends to witness and attend your wedding
• Buy yourSelf a sacred object such as a crystal, ring, or pendant that represents your commitment to love, cherish, and honor your Divinity
• If you’ve done this ritual before, consider renewing your vows.
• Be as elaborate and creative as you want—perhaps in full costume and majesty.
• Do have fun! Celebrate your love for yourSelf and have a party!
• Blissings & Love & Congratulations!

Other than creating your own Inner Marriage Ceremony, there is no homework to pre-pave our next show other than, of course…that’s right…Practice your juicy hugging every day, my darlings….xoxoxoxoxo I love you all!

Episode #6: Eroticism & Sexual Fantasies: Our Attractions, Repulsions, Perversions and Indifference as Gateways to Awakening Part 1

• Briefly comment on how you experience your relationship with the Witness, the Observer and the Critic
• Meditation Practice: Sit in a comfortable meditation position, ideally cross legged or seated in a comfortable chair or sofa (do not lie down as you’ll have a tendency to fall asleep—which isn’t the point of meditation).
• Become aware of your breathing. Notice your breath without changing anything.
• Draw all your attention inwards, into the space in the middle of your head. If you find thoughts occurring, drop the energy of the thoughts (which will come from the front of the head) back to the middle of the head.
• Keep your attention in this empty space in the middle of your head. Abide within.
• Meditating like this can bring up all the unconscious action that the ego-mind habitually and continuously wants to engage in.
• Remember to keep up your meditation practice of sitting quietly with your eyes softly closed for at least 30 minutes each day—focusing on your breath, as this above all else will give you the strength to stay conscious in this exploration. Journal your experiences after each session. Do IT!

Marquis de Sade’s perversity test

• This exercise was designed by the Marquis de Sade. The term ‘sadism’ (taking pleasure from hurting others) comes from his name.
• Marquis de Sade was a man who got off inflicting pain on women. Needless to say, during the time in which he lived—the Catholic society did not approve, and he spent much of his life in prison.
• When people asked him why he had such perverse desires, he called them out and challenged them to do the following test – which is sometimes referred to as the Perversity Test, and sometimes as the Purity Test, as it is meant to reveal to people that they may not be as ‘pure’ and lacking in desire as they thought they were.
• For a set period of time (he said three weeks, but three days or 72 hours will do), repress-suppress all sensual-sexual desires, thoughts, fantasies and experiences.
• Do not engage your senses sexually at all, in any way any of them—sight, smell, sound, taste, touch, intuition, Divine Feminine Principle of Receiving-Divine Masculine Principle of Gifting/Giving.
In your journal answer the following questions: How did you experience doing this exercise? What did you notice? What emotions came up for you? Did your body rebel in any way? Were you able to complete the assignment? Be honest.
• Do keep practicing your juicy hugging on a daily basis, Beloveds…remember deep eye-contact…
• You are doing such an amazing job—ever-becoming and ever-evolving, my Sweets, thank you!

Episode #7 Eroticism & Sexual Fantasies: Our Attractions, Repulsions, Perversions and Indifference as Gateways to Awakening—Part 2: Eros Leads to Gnosis Air Date: 6 July 2012

After you’ve completed Marquis de Sade’s Perversity Test, relax into that suppression—then set aside some time alone—have a glass of wine, put on some sexy music and answer the following questions in your journal no-holds-barred:
• What do you find erotic?
• What do you find sexually perverse & repulsive?
• What do you find erotic and sexually perverse & repulsive?
• What are you sexually indifferent to?

BE HONEST, breathe into any guilt or shame or resistance to completing these exercises, and if you feel like it—email your responses to me at

Don’t forget/neglect your daily practice of juicy hugging, my Beloveds! xoxo…I am so in love with all of YOU!