Excerpt from Marja’s upcoming book!

The following is an excerpt from Marja West’s upcoming book F’d WIDE…The following is an excerpt from Marja West’s upcoming book F’d WIDE OPEN-Love, Now: Untying the Knot—The Heart-Based New Humanity Awakens
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Statue of Shiva dancingLove is now.  It’s not yesterday.  It’s not tomorrow.  Love is now.  Love has no past.  Love has no future.  Love just is.

Love can only exist here, now, this very moment.  Love can only be given and received now.  Love can only be experienced now.  Even feelings and memories of love way back when can only be remembered now.  Yet, when it comes to our love relationships, most of us are completely unaware of this fact—we go off in our minds tripping into past time or future time, or we’re “twittering” or downloading the latest and coolest apps onto our awesome I-Phones, or we’re somewhere else like making a mental note to take out the garbage later or clean out the cat box—neglecting our love, our partners, forgetting love, now.

Humanity has access to thousands of “How To” relationship books that detail how to hook up with your life partner while keeping everyone else happy, and achieve explosive multiple orgasms, make your own sex toys, and twist your physical body into a double pretzel to drive your lover wild with unending pleasure.