Marja’s Bio

cropped-Marja-West-copyright-Judy-Dater-3-512x400Marja West is a non-guru lineage Spiritual Teacher, Way-Show-er, and master energy healing facilitator of the most egregious of sexual abuse and trauma-based mind control.

According to Mayan Astrology, Marja is a Red Lunar Dragon—an initiator of birth, ruled by Red Skywalker—the Wanderer. Her gift of the Timeless White Mirror allows her to truly see herSelf, as well as seeing all the projected distortions onto her from the world-at-large, thus granting her access to masterfully wield the Sword of Truth, which allows her the privilege of hand holding clients through the maze of emotional-energetic-mental illusions, and guide them to their own mastery and ultimate freedom.

Marja’s main challenger is the Blue Monkey, who fosters the necessity for learning how to play, a skill set in progress.

Marja is an 8 on the Enneagram. In Archetypal Numerology Marja has three Life Paths—19 The Sun, 10 The Wheel of Fortune, and 1 The Magician. Her destiny number is 11/2. Her personality number is 22/4. Her sun sign is in Libra in the 9th House, with Capricorn rising. Her Gemini moon in the 5th house gifts us with her love for celebrations, costumes, and performing. All her planetary aspects are above the horizon in the 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th houses. With a Chiron (1st house in Aquarius)-Uranus (7th house in Leo) opposition—her energy is electric, fiery, magnetic, boundless, and memorable—her Divine Mission is to heal and transform relationships and partnerships on a global scale, starting with her own.

A dynamic speaker and adept at candidly addressing the challenges of our current time, people of all ages and from different walks of life enjoy Marja’s edgy, un-politically correct, laugh-out-loud humour, and no nonsense delivery regarding the Truth about our *perception-managed* reality, the importance of sexual abuse healing, the false New Age, and navigating modern living with the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine in all of us—balancing our Doing with Being and our Suffering with Pleasure.

In 1987, Marja received a 9 month series of instructional transmissions through waking dreams and pioneered Absolute Balanced Mastery™ a cutting edge emotional-energetic healing modality technology that fosters Unity Consciousness through restoring the natural alignment of Heart (feelings-emotions), Mind (thoughts-beliefs), and Body (actions-nonactions) with the Divine—honouring Divine Law/Spiritual Law/Natural Law. This comprehensive nut and bolts, straight forward approach to dissolving past and future, and all limiting trauma-based mind control programs, makes her an inspirational leader in the field of emotional-energetic healing.

For nearly 30 years she’s been taking the “woo-woo out of energy healing and energy work,” making timeless Truths in this fast-paced day and age of techie toys, instant gratification, and the endless pursuit of happiness accessible to one and all who are willing to get off the rat-race train, stop, take a breath, and have a look within to what’s real, honoring Love, Truth, and Beauty, whilst acknowledging the hate, lies, and ugliness of incessant suffering on this great earth.
Marja shares her deepest gifts as an artist, an accomplished multi-instrumentalist-musician, singer-songwriter, performer-dancer, medical intuitive, Reiki Master, Certified Bioenergy Balancing® Practitioner, sound healer, yogini, and writer. She is a minister, facilitating the celebration of Sacred Unions and life transitions.

Marja has a background in astronomy & physics, women’s studies, martial arts, bodywork, homeopathy, plant & flower essences, pranic healing, breathwork modalities, sound healing, Totality Therapy, a variety of meditation practices, and Kriya Yoga—receiving her initiation from Roy E. Davis, a direct disciple of Yogananda.

Marja is also an internet radio show personality—first hosting 13 episodes on her own program, DIVINE NATION, on VoiceAmerica’s 7th Wave Network in the summer of 2010. From January 2012 to February 2015, Marja was a contributing host to the Human Spirit Radio Network with her show Waking Gods & Goddesses—Embodying Divine Wisdom and the Sensual Life.

She lives in the high desert mountains of the America’s Southwest with her ever faithful trickster-Zen Master Orange Norwegian Forest cat, Atto Kalashnikova.
With clients, students, and practitioners all over the world, Marja has coined the phrase “You are the Divine-In-The-Flesh” as a reminder to all of us: the Truth of who and what we are—Infinite Loving Awareness and Consciousness having a human experience.

Marja’s work teaches us how to stop blaming the world and others for our circumstances, end our personalised dramas, face and dissolve our triggers, reactivity and suffering, and take full responsibility for every aspect of our lives, master our energy, BE YOUR OWN GURU, and share our deepest gifts with the world.
Wake up, be lived, divinely!