Sensual Life Wheel

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About The Sensual Life Wheel

I love utilising sacred geometry to convey Divine knowledge and principles.

  • Taken directly from Five-Element Chinese Medicine and utilising two triangles—the elements of Fire (triangle with apex at the top) and Water (triangle with apex pointed down) are represented by the colors red and blue—the Formless and Form, Spirit and Physical, Masculine and Feminine energies, respectively.
  • Fire and Water are in service to one another by keeping each other in balance.  This is nature and the Divine’s way.
  • Fire represents Masculine—the formless, yang, active principle, one-pointed focused directed action.
  • Water represents Feminine—the yin, receptive principle, feelings, all manifestations of form.
  • An imbalance of either can injure the other.
  • Without Water, Fire can rage out of control—in the body this leads to fever and inflammation, and destruction.
  • Too much Water drowns out Fire—leading one to lose his or her ability and power to act.  Just as the sun encourages growth and the blossoming of flowers in nature, the Fire element directly relates to empowering creative, sexual energy that gives life.  The Water element is associated with the bladder and kidneys, and governs the sex organs and their function.  Water receives and nourishes, and is necessary for growth and creativity.
  • The balance of the Fire and Water elements is essential to Divine Love and embodying Divine Wisdom.  Divine Love is a closed circuit of GIFTING and RECEIVING.

As awakened humans expressing as man and woman, we are directed by life itSelf—we are life itSelf.  The balance of BEING and DOING, whilst engaging the PLEASURE PRINCIPLE of ENJOYING—are the components necessary to being LIVED DIVINELY from moment to moment to moment.   Please note that the Divine Masculine is NOT a man, nor is the Divine Feminine a woman.  The Sensual Life Wheel itSelf is never static, it IS dynamic, like us–ever evolving, ever becoming, eternally.